In a difficult and challenging walk evangelist Clive Cornish and documentary photographer Lathan Ball walked over 800 miles from Jerusalem to Rome in the Footsteps of the Apostle Paul. Travelling through Israel, Malta, Sicily and Italy with a large wooden cross they retraced Paul’s last missionary journey taking the Gospel message to the “ends of the world.”

Walking in challenging and at times difficult and dangerous situations Clive and Lathan met Christians, Jews, Muslims and those without a faith. The journey stretched Clive and Lathan’s friendship to breaking point, strengthened their faith and provided many insights in to the character of the Apostle Paul.

Since they returned home presentations have been given to churches, schools and support groups for the elderly and those with health problems. A book looking at this unique event, the people, places and the final journey and life of the Apostle Paul is now being prepared and will be available in the near future. A multi-media Bible study based upon this unique adventure will follow.

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