Seven Summits

Mountains appear throughout the Bible and often play an important role in God’s dealings with his people. Threesixteen photographer Lathan Ball has supported Clive Cornish during his climbs of Ben Nevis (Britain’s highest mountain), Snowdon (England and Wales highest mountain), Cader Idris and Pen y Fan with his cross. As a passionate mountaineer Lathan has a deep love of the mountains and has read about and desired to climb the Seven Summits – a mountaineering challenge which reaches the highest point on each continent. Thinking about these Seven Summits led him to ask the question “which seven summits would he consider the most important or meaningful in the Bible”.

Geographically and politically it would be difficult to visit many of the Bible’s mountains but this question is explored, mountains have been selected and series of Bible studies will now be filmed among Britain’s biggest and most beautiful hills.

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Threesixteen’s first short Christian film was titled “Your Will” and tells the story of an Easter ascent of Ben Nevis by Counties evangelist Clive Cornish. During this gruelling climb Clive carried a large wooden cross over ice coated rocks and through soft snow. During this project we learnt much about filming in inhospitable surroundings and now look forward to the challenges ahead.

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