Creative Christianity workshops and Christian Film Festival

In the medium term we intend to develop creative Christianity workshops exploring and encouraging the creative communication of the Bible. During these workshops we will help you develop skills, begin new projects and encourage and support you as you strive to express your faith in new and exciting ways. Threesixteen’s initial focus will be upon the use of photography and video which it has employed to produce an online multimedia Bible study series and a public art exhibition. The Bible study series was called “They said it was impossible.” The photography exhibition was entitled “Forty Days and Forty Nights” and over a two week period was seen by over 1000 visitors to Cardiff’s Norwegian Church Art Gallery – the majority of which were not Christian. Threesixteen would like to encourage Christians to use their mobile phones, cameras or action cams to promote the Christian message, engage and challenge non-believers and encourage believers. To discuss a photography and video workshop please contact us using the links below.

In the longer term we would like to grow a Christian film festival. Our vision is to inspire more people to explore, enjoy and represent their Christian faith in new and engaging ways. We believe this project will encourage and grow Christians, challenge non-believers and provide an opportunity to have fun, make new friends, inspire fresh ideas and develop collaborations and partnerships.

If you would like us to visit your church or group, help you develop your skills or support you in a creative project please contact us using the links below.

Counties evangelist Clive Cornish talks with children inside a school in Syracuse Sicily - photographed with his cross during a project called From Jerusalem to Rome in the Footsteps of the Apostle Paul.
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John 3:16

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