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Threesixteen promotes the creative communication of the Christian message. We are different because our work reflects the excitement, adventure and unpredictability of listening to God and following Jesus. We support our activities through the production of unique bible studies, artwork, engaging films, documentaries, e-books and presentations. These are available through our shop and as free Christian resources by following the links below.

A lady looks back in surprise as Counties evangelist Clive Cornish walks a wooden cross through town

Our free Christian resources include access to our online multimedia Bible studies. Our free online Bible studies, designed for individual and group use, are accessible via a computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. During trials our first Bible study series entitled “They said it was impossible” was well received by church groups and a prison Bible study. To find out more about  our online and downloadable Bible study “They said it was impossible” please visit our Bible study webpage or the online introduction.

Our free online Christian resources also include short documentaries, films and e-books. These exciting and engaging films and e-books are available from the film and book webpages. The free films and books describe Counties evangelist Clive Cornish and mountain photographer Lathan Ball’s walks and climbs with a life-sized cross. The purpose of these unique journeys was to meet, talk, encourage and challenge people. The e-book introduces Clive and Lathan, describes how two very different people were brought to gather by God and how one walk became a life long project. The free film takes you on a unique ascent of Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in Scotland, England and Wales.

Please contact Threesixteen if you would like us to visit your church or support you in a church or community event. We are able to provide everything from a short 5min talk to an evening of entertainment which includes multi-media presentations, films and stories of God’s amazing love.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son so whoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

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