Golden Hour and Night Sky Photography – Lake District 18th May 2020


Golden Hour and Night Sky Photography

Meeting Borrowdale, Lake District

17.00hrs  18th May 2020

This course will last 7-8 hours.

Maximum group size 3


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Golden Hour and Night Sky Photography

The “Golden Hours” are generally accepted as the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. During this time the sun is low in the sky, cool blue light is filtered out by the atmosphere and the mountains are bathed in a warm red light. Visiting the mountains during these magical hours provides awe-inspiring opportunities to produce stunning photographs.

To help you capture these fleeting moments this course will consider:

Planning to photograph the “Golden Hours” and night sky

Capturing warmth and depth

Setting-up and composition

Night Time Photography:

White balance and RAW capture

Aperture and Shutter Speed


How to focus

These late afternoon and early evening courses will last approximately 7-8 hours and will incorporate late night finishes to allow for sunsets and “Golden Light” photography.

The group size is deliberately kept small, maximum 3, to ensure you have plenty of 1 to 1 time and the opportunity to ask questions.

All you need to bring is your camera (filters and tripod if you have them), food and a flask of hot drink.