Golden Hour and Night Sky Photography

The “Golden Hours” are generally accepted as the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. During this time the sun is low in the sky, cool blue light is filtered out by the atmosphere and the mountains are bathed in a warm red light. Visiting the mountains during these magical hours provides awe-inspiring opportunities to produce stunning photographs.

To help you capture these fleeting moments the golden hour and night sky workshop will consider:

  • Planning to photograph the “Golden Hour” and night sky
  • Setting-up and composition
  • Aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Capturing warmth and depth
  • White balance and RAW capture
  • How to focus

These courses will begin in the late afternoon/early evening and last approximately 7-8 hours. They will incorporate a late finish to allow for sunsets, ‘Golden Light’ and night sky photography.

The Golden Hour and Night Sky Photography course can be booked on a date to suit you and costs £180 (see the one-to-one details below).

The Golden Hour and Night Sky Photography course is also available on fixed dates.  On these courses the group size is deliberately kept small, maximum 3, so there will be plenty of 1 to 1 time and ample opportunity to ask questions.

All you need to bring is your camera (filters and tripod if you have them), food, flask of hot drink and a torch.

Courses run throughout the year. The next available dates are –

Lake District (Borrowdale) 18th May 2020  (click to book)

Lake District (Buttermere) 30th May 2020 (click to book)

Courses take place in the Lake District and course details will be e-mailed after booking.

Our Wild Camping and Mountain Photography courses also provide opportunities to photograph the sunset, sunrise and night sky. These courses are generally organised around the best times to view the Milky Way, observe meteor showers and see special phenomena such as blood moon, super moon or lunar eclipse.

One-to-one Golden Hour and Night Sky Photography

Are our group dates unsuitable for you? Would you prefer to learn on your own? Do you have a specific location in mind? Then why not book a one-to-one golden hour and night sky photography course at a time and location of your choice. Your one-to-one workshop will be tailored to your specific requirements, skill level and interest. A full day one-to-one workshop in the Lake District costs £180. If you would like to increase the number of days providing more time to learn, practice, create and perhaps enjoy a variety of lighting conditions than extra days can be included at £160. If you book a one-to-one day and would like to bring along a friend than each additional photographer will cost £100 (non-photography friends and family are free).

A range of accommodation is available in the Lake District and we are happy to help organise this. You could also consider booking a wild camping and  photography course on a one-to-one basis. This is especially enjoyable and beneficial in the summer when the sun sets late and rises early. Please visit our wild camping and photography page for more details.

If you wish to explore an area outside of the Lake District please contact us by e-mail or phone for an informal chat about your requirements.

One-to-one workshops make memorable gifts. If you book a one-to-one workshop as an inspirational gift or for a special occasion you will be provided with a downloadable voucher containing details of the day.

Please e-mail your preferred dates to book your day(s) and arrange payment.


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