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Newsletter 9 – 19th July 2004

Where will Clive walk next?

It is now two weeks since the Pray Wales 2004 walk ended. Wales is still heavy on my heart and my mind constantly searches for ways of reaching this nation that God loves so much. I am amazed at how the Lord touched lives as I walked with the cross during those six weeks. I was privileged to talk to atheists, people with drink and drug problems, Christians whose walk has not been easy and others who were just encouraged to see what God was doing. I also felt privileged to be given some ‘hassle’ for carrying the cross. Whenever I was questioned about carrying it, I would refer them to God. “Talk to God, I’m only carrying this cross because he told me to!”

There were times when I felt spiritually low. Mostly these were when I was alone and not around people. I love to talk of Jesus.

Obviously, the thought of walking 720 miles is quite daunting. When I look back on it, there is certainly a kind of ‘unreal’ feeling about it. It is just amazing that I was able to walk at all. I believe that this is because God allowed it. No credit to me. He intended it this way.

I hope that those with whom I talked and those who Lathan and Phil talked with while supporting me, will continue to be challenged by the Holy Spirit as God seeks to win them for himself. For the many who saw the cross, I know their hearts were stirred. God’s grace will call them.

This walk was undoubtedly different to that of 2003. I believe it was much more of a spiritual battle to walk this time rather than a physical one as last year. I have just been amazed by my fitness this year. I had finished treatment for Hepatitis C just six weeks before and had lost nearly two stones in weight while on the medication. Friends and family commented that I would not be fit enough to walk. I thought I would not be fit enough. But God it fit! Praise the Lord!

I believe that God has dropped a net. Many are walking on to it, ready for when he pulls it in. When he does, not many will fall out. God is no doubt working in Wales. People want God, but not necessarily ‘church’. My believe is that the church is no longer salty – it has lost it’s taste. If the people won’t come in, then we must go out and take church to them.

Please don’t forget Wales. Why pray for one house when you can pray for the street? Why pray for the street when you can pray for the town? Why pray for the town when you can ‘Pray Wales’? He’s a big God!

My final thought – What next Lord? Here I am Lord! Take me and use me Lord. Amen

Clive Cornish, August 2004

“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, the apostles never stopped teaching and preaching the Good News that Jesus is the Christ.”

Acts 5:42

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